What people are saying about Bob

I have known Bob personally and professionally for over 25 years. He is a man of utmost integrity. I consider him an outstanding teacher, speaker and leader. Bob conducted training and coaching for goal setting and motivated the staff of recruiters at PMA. His methods of training are personal and impactful. He works hard at understanding and caring for his clients. I highly recommend Bob Langley.


Bob is an outstanding individual that I had the pleasure of working with in the fitness industry. He is a unique and rare find these days with the level of integrity and ability to work in challenging and demanding situations. There are many situations where people exhibit very challenging personality traits that would test a person’s integrity, and my experience with the way Bob conducts business as well as personal matters was something that I admired. He was a great Mentor! He built exceptional and lasting relationships with both clients and peers.


All I really need to say is “Thank You”! Bob is top notch in what he does. His approach is straight forward, challenging and makes you think about who you are, what you want and what you can do to get there. He clearly knows what he’s doing and demonstrates it through simple but thought provoking questions. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions and push you to be your best self. Again, a very big thanks!


Bob is very goal driven, an asset to any business venture!


Bob can get you to discovery things about yourself that you probably never knew or skills you never thought you had. He can be direct, which I appreciated but might be hard for some. I always felt he was committed to my success. One of the first things he said was that he would make me think! I’m still using the things he taught me in my life and in my business.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with many managers/owners over the years but few stack up to Bob. His passion in pursuing the best for his clients and employees is unmatched! He is dedicated to helping people make positive changes in their lives. If you’re looking for a self-motivated, knowledgeable and fervent individual, Bob is the man you want teaching, presenting and leading your team.


REL Leadership Group was what I needed to get me started again. I was bored and blaming it on my situation until Bob showed me how I was responsible for my own reality. He asks so many thoughtful questions that had me seeing things in a whole new way. He will push you on why you’re doing certain behaviors and help you to figure out what and how to change them. I still like to touch base with him from time to time to think through a particular situation.


Bob is a mentor and leader I was very fortunate to work with for several years. Bob’s strength has been his passion to see people stretch to the next level and continue to grow. His guidance and sharing many of his personal experiences helped motivate me to higher levels using materials and teaching with an introspective approach, which was instrumental for my and many others growth. His mentoring extended far above the professional business strategy into the personal side with Life Success Plans which really made a difference!! Would recommend Bob for your mentor.


I enjoyed working with Bob. Bob is a true professional. It was motivational to watch his personal and professional growth.


Don’t know where to start. We covered a lot of ground over the 6 months and I feel like I’ve grown more in 6 months than I had in the past 5 years. We uncovered some beliefs I had that were not helping me get the results I wanted. His questions had me thinking about why I did things both in my personal life and in my businesses and how I needed to change to hit my goals. Would recommend checking him out.


I will say I learned a great deal by working with Bob. He is direct, caring and very intuitive. I will say he is not for everyone because he will call you out on bad habits and excuses, which can be tough to handle. If I didn’t feel like he cared about my success I may have given up on coaching. He picked up on all most all my excuses. I think it was money well spent for what I learned about myself and how others viewed me. The DISC profile was spot on and I learned about how others act and ways to be better in my communications. Thanks.


Bob I a true leader. He has the ability to create an engaging and empowering environment that cultivates “Peak Performance” in others. The personal and professional growth I experienced while working with Bob has been unmatched in 30 years of business.


I learned lots of things about myself that I hadn’t thought much about. Working with REL Leadership Group was one of the best investments. Bob relates to what I was going through. He was open and shared his own experiences and the things he learned in business. It wasn’t stuffy or canned either; its about my success. I just have to say he was open and honest and wasn’t afraid to share his own mistakes in his life. He says REL is just missing the “A”. He’s real and talks in real terms not just theories. I learned a lot from him.


I would recommend Bob if you need a push and to get focused. I’ll always be asking myself is that a Fact or a Belief? He drills that into you every time you make an excuse for something. I’d say the biggest things I learned besides facts and beliefs is awareness of my self-talk. Affirmations are so important to use to change your thinking. Thank you.


Thanks Bob. I am more committed to my goals then I have ever been. As you say “don’t try, do!” Catch myself every time I use the word “try”. My awareness of negative habits is continually improving and I’m writing and adding new affirmations every week.